Sheli Hay is an artist & school librarian living in PA. She likes drawing comics, talking about dinosaurs, and learning about monsters. 


Just a couple short answers to some frequently asked questions. If people ask me more, I’ll be sure to update this space. 

What tools do you use?

For Drawing: Largely everything is penciled on comic art boards and then inked over. Currently my favorite brush is my Winsor & Newton Series 7 size 2 brush. I haven’t been taking great care of it, so I’ll need to find a new one soon. For ink I use whatever is at hand. Currently it’s one of the Deleter set…but the label peeled off. Between Deleter, Winsor & Newton, and Rapidiograph inks, I’ve never been disappointed. I like using both sides of a sketchbook page, so something that doesn’t bleed, dries quickly but also darkly  – that’s what I look for in ink.

I have a scanner from 2009 to scan the inks in. It’s not anything special, but it gets the job done. From there I color in Photoshop! All in all, it’s very simple!

As a side note, it took me a long time (and an impassioned speech by Paul Pope) to stop being afraid of different tools sanctity. I encourage everyone to use their tools as wildly and freely as they like. Provided you’re not finger-painting on a Cintiq, everything in art (paper, pencil..) can be replaced easily.

For Sculpting: Everything is Sculpey III or a mix of that and Sculpey Firm. Armatures are made out of the cheapest, but sturdiest, stuff I can find: fencing wire, flower wire, tinfoil and duct tape are the common culprits.

For painting I like FolkArt craft paint, but I haven’t tried a lot of varieties. After a sculpture is painted, I sometimes will spray it with an enamel layer. Cartoon-like sculptures usually get this treatment.

I really want a print/t-shirt etc., do you have a store?

I do not! This is largely because I don’t have enough original art that really is  suited for prints. I’ll be working on changing this over time.  I will never sell anything that I do not have the rights to. So while there is considerable amounts of fan art on this website, it’s for display only.

Thanks for reading! If you have anything else you’d like to ask, please feel free to email me at thisisknutz@gmail.com .

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